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Benchmark Financial Services believes that delivering superior investment results starts with establishing the right environment for our Investment Professionals. Each professional needs to operate efficiently, understand the importance of integrity and put client interests first. We believe the success of our Investment Professionals leads to the success of clients’ investment goals. We foster an environment in which each investment professional benefits from:

  • Focusing on their strengths. Benchmark Financial Services provides the freedom and encouragement to allow each Investment Professional to excel based on their personal assets. We do not believe any Investment Professional can be an expert in all things.
  • Providing a conflict-free platform of products and fee structures. Find the right solution, not the highest commission structure.
  • Develop a work environment where integrity, teamwork and trust are rewarded. Benchmark Financial Services will encourage its Investment Professionals to leverage the strength and expertise of their co-workers.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship. Allowing Investment Professionals to excel includes giving them the ability to brand their investment concepts.
  • Providing an equity stake to key employees. Ownership fosters teamwork and minimizes territoriality.

Our commitment is to provide the best possible unbiased advice and service. We will accomplish this by:

  • Offering a broad a flexible array of products. Channel each client’s assets in a direction consistent with their objectives and our strengths, and do not overwhelm them with the product-of-the-week.
  • Utilizing strategic alliances. Leverage the strength of others to deliver solutions that are customized and appropriate.
  • Providing state-of -the-art trading and execution capabilities. Technology is the cornerstone of this business.
  • Remaining a manageable size. Size is not our measure of success.
  • Being honest and forthright about our firm’s goals and objectives: Our core values will become embedded into our operations and communication with our clients.
  • Finally, Benchmark Financial Services is committed to developing a targeted platform of investment alternatives. Some have been and will continue to be developed internally; others are offered through our relationship with Pershing; and others through our strategic alliances.

Co-investment is a requirement. Internally managed Funds require managers to co-invest in the fund.
Commission structures will not be biased to internal funds. Performance and suitability will be the determining factor of investing in a fund.

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